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Counties: Richmond County, Aiken County

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We've Worked on 1000s of Garage Doors Over The Years.

Do These Describe Your Door?

  • It's Crooked And Off The Track
  • The Motor Isn't Working
  • A Spring or Two Is Busted
  • The Panels Are Bent And Cracked
  • It's Keeps Squealing & Screeching
  • Long Overdue For A New Door

When It Comes To Quality Garage Doors,

We're Augusta's Catch-All Service.

We're Grand At Garage Doors!

Fastest Garage Door Service Around.

Time is valuable when it comes to necessary garage door projects and needs.

With this in mind, we pride ourselves on being able to come out and work on your garage door needs Within One Hour Of Giving Us A Call.

We know the hours in your day are limited and valuable, and that's why we do our best to give as much of it back to you as possible.


Friendly Staff That's Easy To Talk To.

The last thing you should worry about is speaking with half-hearted staff that's apathetic towards your needs.

When you call us today, you'll likely speak with James on the phone who's one of our friendly service technicians.

He'll happily answer any questions you have and schedule you in for a time that works best around your needs.

We're Reliable Professionals.

- 15+ Years Of Experience In Our Industry

- Satisfaction Warranty On All Of Our Work

- We've NEVER Returned To A Job Due To Lackluster Garage Door Services Or Repairs

We're Augusta, GA's Greater Garage Door Service for a reason!


A Clear Decision For Garage Doors.

1. Warranty On All Of Our Work, All Of The Time

2. More Than 15 Years Of Garage Door Experience

3. Locally Owned & Operated Business

4. Over 10,000+ Completed Projects To Our Name

5. Same Day, Within-An-Hour Service

6. Modular Scheduling That Fits Your Needs

Storage Shed Garage Doors Aiken, SC

Brief Explanation:

This was a recent installation that we completed for a customer in Aiken, SC where we put in two new garage doors into a shed.

We Strive To Offer Same-Day Garage Door Repairs & Services To All Of Our Customers, So Go Ahead & Give Us A Call Today!

New Garage Door Installation Augusta, GA

Brief Explanation:

This was a brand new garage door installation that we did for some local homeowners here in Augusta.

They’d actually never hired a garage door service prior to their experience working with us, so our entire process was completely foreign and new to them.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Augusta, GA

Brief Explanation:

We helped a local customer in the Augusta, GA area with an issue that they were experiencing with their garage door spring.

After figuring out which specific tension and spring type they needed, we were then able to replace it quickly and efficiently.

Coty Frame

Augusta, GA

Date: Nov 19, 2019
Superb garage door service! Very pleased with the work and quality results. Can't go wrong with these guys.

Frank Malpass

Grovetown, GA

Date: Nov 18, 2019
I would highly recommend this company. They were very prompt and knowledgeable of the work that needed to be done. All around great company!

Sandra Miles

Augusta, GA

Date: Nov 13, 2019
I love my new garage door and opener. I was very picky with what I wanted and Brian took his time and got me the perfect door. I would recommend Augusta Garage Doors to all my friends and family.

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Garage Door Augusta

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10% Off "Thank You" Military Discount

Some garage door companies may give estimates ONLY after you've already booked them, or worse, give you no initial price-range estimates at all.

We, however, do not operate like this.

Once you give us a ring about your garage door needs today, We're Able To Provide Free, Over-the-Phone Estimates during your phone call to us.

And, if you or a loved one has ever served in the Military, as a token of our appreciation to your service, you can enjoy 10% off ANY garage door repair on us (diagnostic fee not included).

Other Garage Door Companies Can Be Too Slow & Delayed,

And Don't Take Speed-of-Service Seriously.

Our Repairs Are Robust & Reliable.

We pride ourselves on providing Same-Day Garage Door Repairs to the vast majority of our customers.

Some repair companies out there won't go the extra mile to provide timely repairs. We're not like that here at Rapid Response.

As a matter of fact, we're often able to come out to and service your door Within One Hour Of Giving Us A Call.

After all, your defective garage door deserves to be restored NOW, not days from now or whenever a service feels like getting around to it.

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We'll Service Your Garage Door Fast.

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Garage Door Augusta

Augusta, GA 30904


1. Do We Service Georgia Or South Carolina?


Be it in our hometown of Georgia, or across the state line into South Carolina, we're proud to provide top-tier garage door services; both in Georgia AND in South Carolina.

2. How Fast Can We Assist Your Garage?


When it comes to assisting local customers in and around the greater Augusta area, we don't dawdle with delayed garage door services.

Once we receive your call, we'll come out to your location the same day.

Most of the time, in fact, We're able to Come Out and Help your Garage Door in as little as One-Hour.

3. Just How Local Is Our Service Though?


We're Richmond County & Aiken County's #1 local, reliable garage door service.

We proudly service the greater Augusta area, and its surrounding areas such as:

- North Augusta

- Aiken

- Martinez

- Grovetown

- Hephzibah

- & other surrounding areas as well.

4. Why Hire Professionals With Experience?


Whether it's a repair, an installation, or even a Commercial garage door project, there's very little out there that's able to surprise us.

When you hire professionals that have Worked on More Than 10,000+ Garage Doors, such as we have, you can rest assured knowing that we've already come across all shapes and sizes of projects and issues.

Every garage door and customer is still different and requires special attention.

But since we're so committed to providing quality services at all times, we the perfect hybrid between personalized customer satisfaction with garage door experience that's reliable and experienced.

5. What Makes Us Great At What We Do?


We've been repairing, installing, maintaining and servicing garage doors in the Augusta area for Over 15 Years now.

During this time, we've NEVER had to go back to a project to "make things right" again.

We're a garage door company that you can trust.